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Membership Eligibility Guidelines Boop Society CTX
Seeking to join The Boop Society of Central Texas? Review the guidelines below for how we approve applications for membership for our organization. Along with that, whether you are seeking to be a member or are a continuing member, review our Rules for Membership as they affect eligibility as well.

Make your intention known, and come out to our events. If you’d like to be more active, come out to more of our events. Talk to at least one officer as listed on the following link https://www.boopsocietyctx.org/#officers during those outings and let them know you’re wanting to become a member.
  • $25 Nonrefundable Annual Membership45 days to pay after approved, 3 month applications are open !
  • Your membership will include a enamel pin and card for the year you are an active member, receipt of minutes from board meetings to review and give feedback on, first notice for volunteering opportunities with us, discounts to certain events such as A Formal [Fetish] Affair, the Austin Rubber Roundup, and other large events we sponsor or host and the establishments of Sir Rat Leather and Gear and the Knead it Now Kitchen (KINK).

    These membership dues will not be refunded in cases of termination of membership or otherwise, and we hope this will encourage involvement from those that choose to become members. The membership dues are given as donations to the organization in support of it.
  • Attend 3 Boop Society CTX Events in a Quarter
  • Volunteer 1 time at Boop Society CTX Events in a Quarter
  • Live in the central Texas region
We hope that you’re willing to help us out when we host events. We can always use a helping hand and would love to be able to rely on you to make future events happen. Come early or stay late to an event to help us set up or tear down!
Guidelines for Members of the Boop Society of Central Texas

Please read through the Rules for Membership in Boop if you want to be a future member or continue your membership; you should follow these rules at all of our events.

Any reports or observed behavior that goes against our Rules of Membership does affect your eligibility for current and future membership.

All active members of this organization must abide by these rules. If any rule is not followed, that is enough justification for immediate termination of membership or to affect future or continuing membership eligibility.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older - Adult and explicit topics are regularly spoken of in our spaces.; none of these topics are appropriate or allowed for anyone under the age of 18.

  • Do not partake in any illegal activities - Anything that warrants jail time (anything above a Class C Misdemeanor) is the scope intended. This includes, but is not limited to, possession or usage of illicit substances, physical or sexual abuse, theft, embezzlement, or other similar crimes.

  • Attend 3 Boop Society CTX Hosted Events Quarterly - Active participation in our activities is encouraged, but we understand that everyone goes through some rough patches.
  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity Policy must be followed

If you'd simply like to continue going to events as an attendee and and be notified when we need help, you would be considered a Friend of Boop. Feel free to sign up as a Friend of the org below. There will be no approval or payment needed from Friends of the org. We're happy that you want to be more involved and help out when possible.

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